Stocking Filler Gift Guide (all under £5!)

Although the essentials are always good to receive in your stocking, I always think its hard to find gifts on a budget and that are small enough to fit inside. So I set myself the challenge of finding gifts under £5 that have more than just that 'novelty' factor, are a bit interesting (unlike the yearly toothbrush) and that aren't completely useless.

1. Emergency rain poncho, available from here (£1.99).
The retro inspired packaging makes this a great unisex gift. Concealed in a small plastic pouch and complete with a hood, the poncho is the perfect gift for outdoorsy people or festival goers.

2. Toadstool salt and pepper pots, available from here (£4.75).
I love the novelty salt and pepper shakers that are appearing everywhere, these particular ones caught my eye as they're subtle yet cute. Priced under £5, I think these are a bargain that can't be resisted.

3. Champagne truffles, available from John Lewis online here (£3.85).
For me, a stocking isn't complete without something in the edible form! Presented so beautifully, these champagne truffles are available in white, rose and dark chocolate.

4. Stud earring multipack, available from River Island online here (£4.00).
Since River Island ventured into kids clothing, i've been thoroughly enjoying the girls jewellery section. They're priced so reasonably (most under £5) and are small and dainty, don't let that it's in the kids section put you off. This particular pack of studs, skulls, crosses and peace signs are perfect for everyday wear and for those that like to vary their jewellery from day to day.

5. Mint Julips lip scrub, available from Lush online here (£5.25).
So i've gone slightly off budget, but only by 25p, and I just had to include this. It's basically a small glass jar filled with oil infused caster sugar that acts as a scrub to get rid of all the flaky dead skin and exfoliate your lips. The bonus? You lick it off afterwards and it tastes absolutely amazing! It leaves them feeling softer than ever and specifically with this mint flavour, they feel tingly and fresh afterwards. It also means lipstick goes onto your lips so smoothly without any dry patchy bits ruining the look. The scrubs are also available in other yummy flavours including bubblegum and popcorn. I've had mine for about 3 months now and am about a third of the way through, a little really goes a long way. I can't believe I ever lived without it, it's truly a miracle product.

6. Travel sewing kit, available from Topshop online here (£5.00).
This cute miniature sewing kit includes all the essentials for a sudden fashion emergency. Whether it be a loose button, a fraying hemline or a fancy dress costume lifeline, its bound to come in handy.

7. Soap and glory hand gel, averrable from Boots online here (£2.50).
All soap and glory products smell divine, and this hand gel is no different. With its fruity floral scent it sets it aside from the usual alcohol smelling hand sanitizer. A handbag must have!

Let me know if you try/ have tried the Lush lip scrub and what you think of it!

Love Zoey xo

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