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Receiving post is always exciting, even more so when you know you've gone slightly crazy whilst online shopping. A couple of weeks back I arrived back from uni to find quite a hefty box (& heavy!) sitting outside my room full of a load of body shop goodies. I've only ever really gone into the shop whilst shopping with mum as i've never really had a huge interest, but fairly recently I found out that their online store pretty much always has offers on and free delivery so I decided to take a look. As these were my first purchases, I received a generous 30% off my shopping as well as the free delivery and large selection already on sale, meaning I could justify a little spree..

Vitamin E face mist 100ml. £8, buy me here.
As have probably many of you, I've heard such a hype about the Vitamin E products and thought it was about time I ventured into this range. The face mist is described as an "instantly refreshing moisture boost" and "perfect for setting makeup", which to me seemed like a definite win-win. When I saw it had a rosewater scent, it put me off as I hate anything with a floral accents but the mist is extremely lightly scented.. so don't let the description put you off! I've been using this for the past two weeks now, lightly misting it over my face once my makeup is complete. It hasn't left any droplet marks or smears, the only downside I would mention is it wets your hair, so make sure you cover your hairline with your hand as you spray (probably common sense but I didn't think of that at first). I haven't noticed a significant change in how long my makeup lasts since using this, but it does create that slightly dewy look that I love and just feels so nice on my skin. I'd imagine it will be even more useful and refreshing in the summer for those clammy days. I've only used about an 8th of the bottle (you only need a few sprays), it's now become a part of my daily makeup routine and i'll definitely be repurchasing another once i've run out.

Delipscious sheer lip colour 03 watermelon. Sale price £2, buy me here.
If you know me, you know I hate to have bare lips (the dry feeling and mine are naturally quite pigmented) and consequently try every lipstick/tint/balm I can get my hands on. Seeing this natural light rose shade in the sale meant I had to buy it, even after reading the mixed reviews. Upon application, it almost pulled along my lips making it extremely uncomfortable and didn't feel moisturising in the slightest. It looked patchy, which i've never experienced and overall it just intensified the natural colour of my lips.. my worst nightmare. Thank goodness I didn't pay the original £8 price tag.

Vitamin E lip care SPF 15. £4, buy me here.
Whilst on the subject of me trying any lip product I can get my hands on, this vitamin e lipbalm definitely had to make it into my shopping basket. My holy grail lipbalms are burts bees & palmers cocoa butter balms, so this one had a lot to live up to. I like to feel like the lipbalm is working, whether from a tingling feeling or by feeling extremely moisturising, and the finish has to be matte. For me, there's nothing worse than a slippy, sticky residue and i've never been one for shiny lips. To my surprise this vitamin e lip balm reaches all of my high expectations, its thoroughly moisturising without being gooey or shiny and since i've been continuously applying it theres been such a noticeable change. With the added bonus of the spf 15, i'll be without a doubt repurchasing this again.

Hemp moisture high balm 45ml. £2.
When trying to link this, I couldn't find it on their website anymore, which I hope doesn't mean they've discontinued it! I've got such knobbly elbows and knees that do tend to dry out a bit around the winter months and if one things sure to ruin a killer outfit, it's a set of dried out knees on show. This hemp balm has been a miracle worker and my knees and elbows now are free from resembling a bathing rhino. For value for money its amazing, you get quite a substantial amount of product and as it turns into an oily balm as you rub it in means you only need the tiniest amount. The smell isn't really to my taste but for what it does, I can easily put up with it.

DeoDry dry-effect deodorant cool & zesty stick. Sale price £2.
Bit of an odd product to review, but seeming as it's in the box I thought i'd share my views. First of all, the product smelt amazing, it's such a zingy in your face scent and cool and zesty sums it up perfectly. After two days of using it it brought me out in horrendous rashes, which i've never experienced and wouldn't have ever described my skin as being sensitive. I've always been one to grab any deoderant off the shelf thats on sale and have never had this problem, so I stopped using this straight away and it went straight into the bin. Not a successful purchase but at least I now know.

Banana conditioner 250ml. £4.50, buy my here.
Although loving and wanting luscious long locks, my shampoo/conditioner routine has always, again, been down to whats on offer.. until now. Whilst browsing through the best seller's section on the body shop site, I came across this banana conditioner and after reading almost 40 pages of customer reviews I was intrigued to try it for myself. I love hair products that leave a strong scent in your hair, days after washing it (aussie being my favourite), which is exactly what this conditioner does. The scent is what I would describe as sweet banana's, although i'm not really a fan of bananas, I do absolutely love the smell of this. The reviews I read complained about it leaving their hair oily, but since its a conditioner I would never apply it to the very roots of my hair so this wasn't a problem. I've been using this along with my tresemme XL volume shampoo and it's made such a huge difference to the condition of my hair, leaving it so shiny, soft and moisturised without weighing it down. Its thick creamy consistency makes it feel luxurious and extremely nourishing, I'll never use another conditioner again and am going to try out the banana shampoo next.

Cucumber freshening water 250ml. Sale price £2.
Again, I couldn't find this product on their site and hope they don't discontinue! The product description, "Feel as cool as a cucumber with a toner that refreshes and cleanses, just like our original one. Now with community trade organic aloe vera." I knew that this use to be used back in the day by almost everyone and wanted to see for myself why it was a firm favourite. I've used it quite a few times on days where I either don't have time to do my usual facial routine or when I feel as though I just want to freshen up my face with something simple. Along with its light refreshing scent, it absorbs really well leaving my face feel extremely clean and surprisingly subtle. Such a simple bargain product that does exactly what it says. 

Green apple bath and shower gel 250ml. Sale price £2.
My grandma always used to use apple scented soap that I always adored and as this was half price, I didn't hesitate when adding it to my basket. How wrong could I have been! I'm not sure what apples the people making this shower gel have smelt before.. but i've never smelt an apple that smells like this! It's spicy, slightly herby and then under all of that awfulness I could just about make out an extremely distant apple scent. I thought it was just my nose and tried to palm it off to my boyfriend who hated the smell just as much and have now left it in the bathroom for my housemates to use up.. unsurprisingly it hasn't hardly been touched. 

Chocomania soap. £2, buy me here.
This smells just like a chocolate biscuit mixed with cocoa butter, which I love. Although I haven't got around to using it yet (I didn't know what to do with it once it was wet, i've now realised I need a soap tin), I can feel the exfoliating bits in it and feel as though its going to be a good alternative to a body scrub. 

Ultra fine bath lily. £1.50, buy me here.
A definite shower must have and I love that the colour matches my new favourite orange and passion fruit shower gel (yes.. I am that sad). 

If this post has tempted you.. at the moment the body shop has £10 off when you spend £30 online, click here

'A package is just a box.. until it's delivered' 
Love Zoey xo

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