15 April 2014

Starring The Metallic Loafer

silver 4
silver 2
silver 1
silver 6
silver 3
silver 5
Silver leather loafers- £15.00 (rrp. £59.99) Tk Maxx (similar hereherehere & here‣ Faux fur jacket- £35.00 H&M gold label collection ‣ Vest- £1.99 H&M ‣ High waisted jeans- £22.99 New Look  Leather bag- £59.99 Zara (in store)

Can we all just stop to appreciate these beautiful metallic loafers?! They’re without a doubt my new favourite go-to shoes and this isn’t only down to the obvious aesthetics, but also because they’re made from the softest, comfiest leather. It’s like walking in little silver clouds- dream footwear, hello!

I spotted them in Tk Maxx a few weeks back during one of my regular rummages and at £15 they’re an absolute steal! One of the things I love about any Tk Maxx find is that you can almost guarantee that no one else will have the same, they’re your own little unique treasures. Talking of treasures, I found the ultimate *cough, Ralph Lauren* Tk Maxx treasure yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter  or Instagram you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but a post solely dedicated to it will be up very soon!

These photos were taken during a lovely Spring day out with my boyfriend last week in Tunbridge Wells. Whilst it wasn’t quite warm enough to go out baring all, this fur jacket proved to be the perfect ‘not too hot/ not too cold’ option. It’s super soft and furry, yet still really lightweight and I just love the deep navy blue shade. I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple and turned up the hems of my high waisted jeans to compliment the loafers.

Are these loafers catching your eye too?
I’ve included links to a few metallic silver leather loafer dupes, but there really are so many high street and designer options to choose from! They’re most definitely a shoe staple for this S/S.

07 April 2014

Pick Of The Pleats

From razor sharp stiff pleats to the, pretty, floaty and delicate, and the boxy, wide varieties; there’s a pleat for everyone and every occasion. They're such a good way to add texture and volume to an outfit without creating too much bulk, meaning you’ve still got a flattering ensemble. I know they’ll be livening up my wardrobe this S/S. Below are my picks of the pleats that I just cannot wait to get my hands on...

pick of the pleats
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I’m struggling to pick my favourite from all of these, I think they’re all equally as beautiful! The culottes may just have to enter my wardrobe first though (closely followed by the rest of course) as they’re such a versatile Spring staple and a trend I cannot wait to wear. 

Which is your stand out pleat?

04 April 2014

Spring/Summer Moisturising Essentials

moisturising essentials

My everyday body moisturising routine usually involves putting on baby oil when I get out the shower and then towel drying myself. I swear by this as it keeps my skin baby soft yet it's so quick and means I can get dressed straight away without feeling sticky or greasy. However, once the sunshine appears I have to switch this up to avoid frying myself. Read on to find out which products will take its place...

Being a lover of the scent of cocoa butter, this cocoa radiant gel oil instantly jumped out at me. You need to apply literally the smallest amount (else it does feel a bit greasy) and it soaks into your skin almost instantly and really does give you such a radiant glow as it promises. The gel oil combination is such a lovely formulation to use and it feels really luxurious on the skin. It's going to be perfect for Spring/Summer evenings to ensure your tanned skin is glowing whist keeping it hydrated.

This spray & go moisturiser has been a bit of a revelation in the moisturising world. It's a moisturiser in a can that sprays out a fine mist of the product, with a cooling effect. It's definitely going to be the refreshing go-to day moisturiser once the hotter weather is here! The cocoa and aloe are my scents of choice, but there's also the light yellow 'essential moisture' which is a scent that hard to describe but I’d say it smells ‘creamy'. 

I often spritz this vitamin e face mist over my finished makeup to help to set it and give it a dewy finish. In hotter temperatures it's such a lovely product to keep in the fridge and use on the face throughout the day as a welcomed refreshing moisture boost. I love to pop this into my beach bag or have it beside me whilst sunbathing, it's a bit of a saviour product! 

The vitamin C energising face spritz also works in the same way but is particularly aimed at dull skin to give it an extra boost. It has a fairly strong citrus scent to it which I'm personally not the hugest fan of but it is very refreshing so will again, work so well as a 'pick me up' sunbathing spritz. 

Last but not least, a tanning optimiser is a must have for all of us tanaholics! Once you get a tan, you want to keep it for as long as possible so I like to use a moisturiser specifically designed to do this. Although I think any moisturiser would help prolong a tan, this tanning optimiser has a blend of ingredients that are specifically designed for this. I've stocked up on this one from St. tropez which has a lovely light fragrant scent. 

I’ve got my moisturisers ready, now all I need is the sunshine... where are you? 
Do you have any specific moisturising products you like to use in the Spring/Summer?

P.S You may notice I’ve just updated my blog design and taught myself a bit of html along with way *proud moment*, I’d love to know what you think :)

27 March 2014

Bikini Lustin'

Bikini shopping often results in an aesthetics Vs. practicality for tanning dilemma. Do you go for a high waisted bikini/ one with multiple criss-cross cut-out strap detailing? Or do you focus on that all important tan and get a simple strapless, tiny ensemble? This year I’m going to invest in both to make sure I fully satisfy my bikini cravings, although I’m hoping that my tanning obsessed self won’t just stick to the strapless top and small bottoms as I usually do!

If I had my way, I’d be fast forwarding time and leaping into the end of July, aka my two week holiday to Marrakech. It’ll be new territory for me and I really cannot wait to explore the culture and lap up the 40c heat. Yes you heard me right, 40c. Luckily being the sun-worshipper that I am, this news was music to my ears. After the English sun teased us last week, I (along with you too, I’m sure) have been left longing after some more vitamin D and some preferably hotter, tanning time.

Bikini’s are most definitely that ultimate ‘IT’S SUMMER!’ ensemble and I can’t help but notice that they’ve hit the high street in force. This year they’re exciting me a lot more than previous S/S's as they just seem to be that much more beautiful, meaning I’ve already got a wish list as long as my leg. As my holiday is already booked I feel like it gives me a guilt free pass to stock up on a whole new bikini wardrobe, it’d be rude not to... right?!

Below are my current top 4 picks-

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 15.54.02

1 ‣ 2 ‣ 3 ‣ 4

All four of these may have to ‘accidentally’ slip into my basket.. Marrakech I’m ready for you!
Are any of these catching your eye too? 

22 March 2014

I ♥ Big Hair


So it's no secret that I adore and love to have big hair. Any products that claim to give a helping hand in achieving volume and I purchase them without hesitation! I'm often asked how I get my hair to stay so big, and since the products I use have changed from my last 'big hair' post I thought I'd share my updated hair routine. If you're wanting to achieve big bouncy locks then read on...

Although I do have quite a lot of it, my hair is very fine so looking out for lightweight products that won't weigh it down is an absolutely necessity. Anything that's heavy would just counteract from any volume I try to create and my hard work in the morning would be gone within a few hours. 

To wash my hair I use a volumising shampoo, the Aussie volume shampoo has been my one of choice for the past few months now and it really does appear to be working. Not to mention it smells so delicious! I follow with Aussie's miracle moist conditioner to ensure my hair is kept soft and healthy. I don't want volume throughout the ends of my hair and think a conditioner should be nourishing so I find a volumising conditioner isn't necessary. 

Once I've towel dried my hair I use some sort of leave in lightweight serum or conditioner throughout the lengths. I mix these up all the time as I do have a fair few to choose from, but my current favourites are the Aussie Miracle recharge shine lightweight conditioning mist and the Aussie coloured hair protector and shine serum (notice the Aussie theme here haha!). 

Next is the vital ingredient to achieving volume... the Got2b 2 sexy big volume, volumising spray mousse. It's the first spray mousse to be released which when pressed, gives out a fine mist of mousse. I spray this onto my damp hair pretty much all over, focusing on the roots and in the places where I want the most body. It's so much more effective than using an ordinary mousse as it's easy to distribute it evenly throughout your roots without having large 'moussey' patches throughout. It gives my hair so much lift and although I try to let it air dry as often as possible (to keep away from heat), when blow dryed with my head upside down it creates even more body. Once dry it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky of full of product in the slightest, which has always been a pet hate of mine with the outcome of many other products. Instead it still feels silky and freshly washed, although it does leave a little bit of texture which is perfect for back combing.

Onto the backcombing. Unfortunately you can't achieve really big and bouncy hair without the step, which my hair isn't very thankful for. Backcombing is always going to be damaging for your hair and after 5 years of doing it every single day, I'm always on the lookout for new tools that can minimise this. The 'My big fat backcomber' comb from Lee Stafford is fairly new to me, but has instantly become an absolute necessity. As you can see it has larger 'teeth' either side of the smaller toothed comb in the middle, which is designed to be kinder to your hair as less teasing is necessary. I'd agree with this and have also found that I can achieve my usual backcombed styles with a lot less effort and time. I'd really urge anyone who regularly backcombs their hair to purchase this, I bought it from Boots for only £3.99 but I'm sure it can be found in most shops.

So there we have it, my current big bouncy volumising hair routine! 
Do you like big hair too? Have I tempted you with any of these products? 

18 March 2014

The Bomber

1  2 ‣ 3 ‣ 4 ‣ 5 ‣ 6 ‣ 7 ‣ 8

The bomber jacket is absolutely everywhere at the moment and that’s said for men as well as us girls. (I’m definitely thinking a whole his and hers matching or complimenting bomber would be so cute, not sure the boyfriend would agree though haha!) I love the array of prints, patterns and finishes and see them as a great way to bring your personality into an outfit. The lightweight materials make them perfect for that typically British Spring/ Summer time ‘do I/ don’t I bring a jacket with me’ dilemma and to take the chill away come evening.

Above is my pick of the bunch from various high street stores, varying from the cutest prints to those with a sports luxe vibe. The beautiful black sheer and PU sleeved bomber (number 5) has to be my absolute favourite and I’ll most definitely be keeping a close eye to see if the smaller sizes come back into stock! I think it would work with so many different styles of outfits and would instantly toughen up a printed girly co-ord. 

Closely following is the adorable deer print from Choies.com, isn’t is just so cute?! It’d look so good teamed with denim shorts and a simple T or vest. Add a pair of jellies and a scrunchie (too much love for these at the moment!) in your hair and you’re really there with the whole 90’s vibe. Again, it’s just my luck that this bomber is also sold out... but I will longingly await the re-stock *praying it happens*. 

Will you be investing in a bomber or two (or three.. or four) this Spring?
Are any of these beauties catching your eye too?

14 March 2014

New London Bedroom Decor

Bowl- Urban Outfitters ‣ Kilner Jar- TJ Hughes

Relax plaque- Primark
Frame- Tk Maxx ‣ Glass vase- Tk Maxx
Lights- Urban Outfitters
Velor cushion- BHS ‣ Striped cushion- John Lewis ‣ Heart cushion- Primark
Striped cushion- John Lewis
Candles- a present ‣ Buddha- Tk Maxx
Rug- Ikea
Wall mirror- Matalan
Candles- Yankee store and Tk Maxx
Slate heart and chalk- Boots giftset
Bath mat- H&M home

So I've only got one thing on my mind, and for once it isn't new clothes or beauty products. In fact I haven't even stopped to think about either for the past week now *shock*. This post is going in the direction of home interior- My new bedroom and ensuite interior. As you'll probably know by my tweets of excitement, I moved into my flat with the girls in London last Tuesday, and I already love it SO much! It's such a beautiful, surprisingly big flat and we're pretty central so right in the middle of it all! 

I've spent the past week or so starting to beautify my bedroom and the rest of the flat with the girls. Although after just a week it's obviously not quite there and perfect, I thought I'd share some photos of a few of my decorative bits!

H&M home has proven to be one of my favourite places to buy homey bits. Everything's fashionable and vintagey, with such reasonable price tags so there really isn't anything not to love! Urban outfitters is also always so good for quirky and fashionable ornaments and I’ve even got my eye on a few of their pieces of furniture from their online store at the moment! Another firm favourite shop of mine is Tk maxx, it's like an Aladdin's cave of unique bits and bobs that are again, priced so reasonably. I just love that you never know what you're going to find and I've found some absolutely amazing decorative ornaments etc in there. All of my wicker baskets and storage have come from there too. It's also the best place to find candles, they usually have an entire aisle crammed full of different scents and you can often find designer ones at a fraction of the price. The final home interior shop I just have to include is Zara home. It's just so beautiful and pretty much interior perfection, although it can be quite pricey.

It's safe to say that home interior has most definitely taken over from clothes and beauty shopping for the moment... Expect a few more similar posts from me! 

P.s please bare with me blogging wise, I haven't yet got Internet so it's difficult to get it all together but I’ll be back to regular posting very soon :)