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New Blog

I have launched my new blog and will no longer be posting here. 

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Palm Print Picks

No print screams a tropical Summer holiday like the palm print. I love how it’s less obvious than the usual floral print and not as feminine, it’s the tougher, edgier older sister. Luckily the high street is currently as palm obsessed as I am- we can get our hands on it on almost every shape, cut and garment imaginable. There really is a piece of palm print for everyone. See my top high street picks below...

palm print

1 ‣ 2 ‣ 3 ‣ 4 ‣ 5 ‣ 6 ‣ 7 ‣ 8

I’m longing for the day that this gorgeous panel dress (1) comes back into stock (Asos I hope you’re not going to let us down!). It’s light and airy so perfect for the Summer months, yet still shows off your figure and will look incredible with a tan! It will also look equally as good dressed up or down, although I’m absolutely loving how it’s been styled on the model... absolute palm perfection 

What number’s your pick of the palms?

Bargain eBay Find | HD Eye & Brow Palette

eBay listing- £12.98 (rrp. £30)

The sense of achievement you get from snapping up a bargain- I’m sure we’re all in agreement that it’s a slightly addictive feeling. I know it sounds slightly 'Confessions of a shopaholic’ worthy, but it really is true! eBay is a treasure trove for bargains and since I’ve seen this HD brow and eye palette doing it’s rounds on a few beauty blogs, I just couldn’t resist.. and I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

This authentic Hd brows palette is a bargain at just £12.89 (with free, fast delivery), as it usually retails at £30. It comes complete with 6 large eyeshadows (4.72g each!), a brush which I surprisingly love and a big mirror inside which makes it perfect for on the go. 


As you can see from my swatches, there’s a shadow to cater for every brow colour, with an option between the cooler and warmer shades. They’re all really pigmented, blend really well and have such great staying power so last all day long without needing touching up. It doubles up as a great neutral eye shadow palette too, which is my reason for loving it so much.. it’s got everything I could ever need! I’ve been using the rich brown to line the outside of my eyes, for a much softer, more subtle result than you can achieve from an eye liner. I’ve found the angled side of the brush that’s included is perfect for this and then the small smudger tip is great for blending. 

I really couldn’t recommend this palette enough, I love it so much that I wouldn’t even hesitate purchasing it at it’s original price of £30. But of course there’s no need to at the moment, whilst this eBay listing is here! If you’re a 'neutrals only' girl like myself, I’m sure it will become your go-to palette too! Thank you eBay!

The Floral Bird Print


Dress* - £21 Glamorous ‣ Shoes* - £20 Glamorous ‣ Sunglasses- £4.99 New Look ‣ Bracelet- £5.99 H&M (in store) ‣ iPhone case- £3.49 eBay 

If anything’s going to brighten up a typical British (not so sunny) Summers day, then it’s this little shift dress! I just want to jump straight into the print and be surrounded by the flowers, singing birds and blue skies.

The classic, simplistic cut allows for the print to be the talking point and the high neckline makes for a flattering fit. I’ve kept my accessories to a minimum, opting for a snakeskin effect thin cuff and my Marc Jacobs-eque playful iPhone case- which by the way is identical to the original but was an absolute bargain! Follow the link to see which eBay seller I got it from.

I love these cut out sandals as a good mid-point between smart and casual, and they’re Summery without being too girly which toughens up the dress a bit. Of course an outfit of mine wouldn’t be complete without a pair of round sunglasses, my collection is forever growing and I’ve even become that girl that wears them when the sun isn’t even shining (don’t judge!) ! The world and everyone in it looks so much better through sunglasses anyway, as though the ‘Made In Chelsea’ filter is permanently on real life ♡. 

I can see this shift dress becoming such a versatile go-to dress, to inject a Summery cheerful print into any occasion!

Cocoa Brown Dark Tan ❥

cocoa brown tan
£7.99 Superdrug ‣ £7.99 ‣ £6.99 Primark (in store)

To say I’m a little bit in love with this tan would be an understatement. Having previously turned to sunbeds (naughty, I know!) to achieve a natural all-year-round glow, I’m really not easy to please on the fake tanning front. I swear by the dove gradual tan but have recently been searching for something with a more instant, deeper, 'I’ve been on holiday’, yet natural result to keep me away from the sunbeds. And this is it!

This tanning mousse glides on really evenly when applied with a mitt, and it’s not at all drying so doesn’t cling to knees and elbows. As it’s advertised as a 1 hour tan, the colour obviously develops almost instantly and you really can wash the guide colour off after just one hour to reveal a deep natural looking tan without the smell or stickiness! I’d say it begins to fade three days after application but it does this really evenly and requires almost no exfoliating. I’ve been using the cocoa radiant gel oil from Vaseline every morning (see my review here), which has really helped with keeping the tan looking glowing and my skin so soft. It’s also probably given the tan a helping hand in fading evenly, so I’d really recommend using these two products together.

Surprisingly, the one thing I love most about this tan is how well it tans and takes to my face, despite it not being specifically designed for this. I pop the smallest amount onto a few cotton pads (layered up to ensure it doesn’t sink though and stain my fingers!) and then cover my entire face and neck with it. Again, as it’s not drying it doesn’t sink into any pores or cling to any patches and it actually leaves my face looking so healthy, glowing and surprisingly flawless. It seems to skim over any imperfections rather than sink in and highlight them, which was previously my main hatred of fake tans. It also stays put on my face through cleansing and toning so only needs re-applying every three days. Since I discovered this tan a few weeks ago, I haven’t had to wear foundation during the daytimes, just a few dabs of concealer and a bit of blusher, which I’m sure my skin is thankful for! Even for this reason alone, I am SO thankful for this tan.

Although it’s dark, it’s one of the most natural colours I’ve found so far, and I’ve tried almost every brand out there. I have it on in my previous style diary post which will give you an idea of the results, and these photos were taken two days after application. You can also kind of see the results on my face here too. 

I haven’t got a single complaint about this tan, even the price is so reasonable at £6 from Primark or £7.99 from Superdrug and Feel Unique (see links under photo). If you’ve tired this tan I’d love to know your thoughts too!

S/S Wedding Guest Dress Edit

A dress fit for a wedding has to meet numerous fashion requirements. Sophisticated is obviously a must; too much thigh or cleavage on show is just inappropriate for the venue and the company of all ages of the family. The Summer months welcome maxi dresses, which I think overcome this dilemma whilst flattering every body shape and type. Then there’s the colour pallet, a plain white or black is a no-no... white is reserved for the bride and you don’t want to be looking like you’re attending a funeral dressed head-to-toe in black.

Finding something that’s suitable for the day to night transition from the service and reception and then onto the dance floor is the final fashion hunting hurdle. With this lengthy checklist in mind, I’ve put together a wedding guest dress edit, those dresses that have made the cut and that I think are Spring/ Summer wedding worthy.

wedding guest dress edit

1 ‣ 2 ‣ 3  4  5 ‣ 6 ‣ 7  8

My personal favourite is the beautiful blue grecian maxi dress (#8) from Topshop’s concession collection 'Oh my love’, which I think is the most gorgeous shade and would just hang and flow so nicely. A closely following favourite is the flared cream H&M halter-neck dress (#6), which is more of a fun alternative and provides a blank canvas for accessories.

Do you have a favourite?